Hello world!

A blog is an intriguing thing.  I enjoy following a couple of blogs and have even thought of starting a blog from time to time.  But I’ve never really had an angle.  Lots of people live in the country.  Lots of people live in the country in Texas.  Lots of people homeschool.  Lots of people have six kids.  Lots of people have lots more kids.  Lots of people are dispatchers.  But this latest development in my life has done it.  This is it.  We are moving to Boston.  Boston!  Boston is not Texas.  Boston is not the country.  A month ago we had no thought of moving from our little 19 acre country nest in central Texas.  Out of the blue my husband gets a call from a recruiter in Boston.  Yes, we would consider a move.  And now here we are.  I am about to start my last week of my job as a police dispatcher/911 operator and begin preparing our family for our big move across country to Boston.  Here is where it all begins.