How Solution Units Make Your Life Easier

Why Solution Units?

Many typical consultancies charge by the hour, but bill for time spent doing communication tasks, bookkeeping, or even research. This can create a perverse incentive for would-be problem solvers to make more “consulting-like-activity” and less actual solutions. Even a group with a solid work ethic can, without serious discipline, fall into a pattern where “the hours are gone” because they got spent on overhead, and additional hours are required to implement the solutions

We carefully monitor and explicitly bill only time invested directly in creating solutions for YOU. This adds a results-driven motivating factor for the entire team, and helps ensure that any time billed, is time spent providing value.

What type of work does not count toward Solution Units?

Time invested researching project-relevant information that is generalized to the industry or technology, rather than specific to the problem to be solved.

Communication and scheduling overhead (unless explicitly required as part of a solution, for example gathering information to go into a requested document, scheduled presentations, or facilitated meetings).

Time estimates that are for simple information purposes (rather than an explicitly-requested deliverable).

How do I get Solution Units?

Each client can schedule a number of Solution Units in advance per month. This ensures that there is time set aside to solve your problems every month.

Can I get extra Solution Units for a particular Urgent Need?

The way to ensure you have Solution Units available to invest, is to reserve them as part of a recurring monthly contract. However, additional Units are often available for cases of urgent need.

What happens with unused Solution Units?

We want to make you happy by solving your problems–so we’re going to do what we can to invest your Solution Units wisely, and find the greatest ROI for your business. Typically, the best way to get the most out of Solution Units is to use them every month! (If you are not sure what to do with them, let’s talk. There are almost always great investments waiting to be made.)

In certain special cases, with pre-approval only, Solution Units may be rolled over into future months. This is only available in certain specific scenarios, and must be discussed and approved in advance.

I Have More Questions

If you have more questions, contact us with this form, or call personal direct line to a consultant at 512-850-6283.