The Retainer Model

“Strategic Partner” is not just a catchphrase. Technical problem solvers can find lots of work all over … but what we love is to help small businesses succeed in the long term. The retainer model is a great way to embrace this.

Guaranteed time “just for you“, from people who already know your business. Rather than the overhead of shopping around for a solution provider (sometimes with great waste of time and money in pursuing the wrong one), you have someone who already knows you, who already has an understanding of who does what and what your challenges are, and–best of all– is waiting and ready to get some work done for you. Partners who haven’t experienced this before quickly become addicted.

Address “little things” early, before they become major risks or roadblocks. Many times fast-moving small startups will start doing something with a suboptimal technology “just to get it done”. That is great. But without a little bit of forward-thinking technical analysis, that technology that “works right now” can turn into a very notable, very limiting constraint as the business grows and expands.

Investing in infrastructure slowly with a mind for the future. Having a decades of experience in tech startups, we know how to solve your “right now” problems. We’re also thinking of your next problem, and the one after that. By making choices earlier with a mind for the future, we create solutions that are able to move in the ways you want, when the business is ready.

Low “maintenance“, high “project power”. Every month, aside from the time that we dedicate to each individual client’s pre-allocated retainer of Solution Units, we also reserve some free ones for “in house” work. And if necessary, we can tap our resources and connections to get your problem solved by means of our own partners.

Retainer Hours are available for reservation today. Contact us to discuss your options.